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We build Resilient Leaders through Experiential learning!


No Nation can become great by isolating itself. Global solutions cannot be found unless we approach global issues together, United!

ENVOY MUN is established as a unique transformational leadership platform for Youth across the globe to address Global Issues and find more effective ways to respond to emerging challenges through an experiential learning environment.

This platform further advances the understanding of the United Nations and contemporary international issues, also giving delegates unique learning and skill development opportunities through curated workshops.


We are a group of professionals, in the Fields of International Relations and Law, in a mission to create a multilateral platform for Young people and professionals to interact on Global issues.


Our mission is to inspire, empower and educate transformational leaders to be future drivers of the world of Diplomacy and World Affairs through unique experiential learning.


The objectives of the conference fall into the following categories:

  • To enable young delegates to understand the United Nations system
  • To provide a youth platform for young diplomats and international relations (IR)enthusiasts to engage in a global platform.
  • To widen the knowledge of diplomacy and world affairs through experiential learning.
  • To enable young people to engage in extensive research and debates to devise solutions to world problems.
  • To create and train young professionals to play a major role in the international arena.