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Awards and Recognition

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The Best ENVOY Award

This unique medal will be given to the outstanding person who will participate actively in the plenary sessions.

Bruce Ferguson Honourary Award

The Outstanding Delegate Award

This is a sign of great skill and preparation for the debate and typically means that you were within the top three to four delegates in the committee.The Awardee will receive a medal of honour and also a certificate. They will receive the Awards via mail.

The Best Delegate Award

This prize is granted to the delegate who excels in all areas of the committee, including performance, preparation, and knowledge. A medal of honor and a certificate will be presented to the recipient. They will receive the Awards via mail.

The Best Video submission

Individuals who participate in the “Future One” video series are eligible for this award.

Best paper submission

Winning papers that adhere to the formatting instructions, exhibit excellent research and diplomatic writing, and are true to the country’s actual or likely positions will receive the award.

Certification of participation

All delegates and observers who attend the sessions will receive an E-Certificate.