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Most Common Questions

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A.We are UNIQUE in that we provide not only a MUN experience but also a plethora of other options! From side plenaries that take you on an immersive tour into the worlds of diplomacy and international politics.

Q.Is there an age restriction at ENVOYMUN?

A. The participation is open for everyone!

Q. Is previous experience required to apply as a delegate?

A. Apart from the ability to communicate in English, no prior experience is required to apply as a delegate. However, for your preparation, we recommend that you do some study on the MUN processes to obtain a rough notion.

Q.What is the price tag on participating as a delegate and what’s included?

A.If you apply before February 12th, you will be charged a reduced fee of $40; if you apply after February 12th, you will be charged the full fee of $45.

Included are,

  • Access to the entire conference.
  • To be featured at the Future one Video Series
  • Introductory Photo series of ENVOY MUN
  • Opportunity to feature publication in Envoy E-magazine.
  • Access to write on ENVOY MUN BLOG
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Opportunity to closely network with individuals across the world.
  • Post-conference project mentorships
  • Awards and recognition
  • Other Opportunities

Q.Who is an observer?

A.Because ENVOYMUN is a one-of-a-kind platform, we also offer additional side plenaries for young people to learn more about diplomacy. Individuals who register as observers can only attend certain sessions.The schedule and topics will be out soon! Sign up to get the notification.

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Q.Group registration

A.In group registration, 4 people can sign up and the rate per person is 38$.


A.After you register as a delegate/group, you will receive an email with payment information. Only your position at the conference is confirmed after your payment is confirmed. Due of the great demand, we urge that you do it as soon as possible.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us ENVOY