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Can you send me latest event room snapshot?

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Sure,here it is.

That’s Awsome, also send me at

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Group Application - Envoy MUN 2022

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Group registrations will be accepted for a minimum of 4 participants. It is mandatory for the group coordinator to submit full name details of each registered participant. Students’ emails are appreciated

Before submitting the form, double-check your email address and make sure you provide us with the email address you use on a daily basis. The majority of our correspondence will be done via email.

Your group registration becomes effective upon receipt of the first payment (38$per person). It is possible to increase/decrease the number of participants of a group upon request and according to the deadline mentioned our General Policy

Please note: ENVOYMUN will not send individual registration confirmations to group participants. It is entirely the responsibility of the group coordinator to confirm registrations to the group participants. Therefore, the group coordinator will receive a registration confirmation.

* Required