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ENVOY MUN 2022 - Secretariat Application

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ENVOY MUN 2022 is a professionally designed diplomatic learning platform that spotlights diplomacy and world affairs by bringing together diverse groups of youth leaders across different cultures and vast geographic distances, in real-time to engage in global discussions.

Please read the Secretariat job descriptions to understand the responsibilities of the different positions before applying. Applications are due by Sunday, January 30th, 2022, 23:59 EST. Highly qualified candidates will be selected for an interview. Questions about the positions can be directed to the organizing committee:

Bear in mind, being a secretariat member requires more commitment but it also gives you the opportunity to experience the unique ENVOYMUN conferences in a new perspective!

Hurry and apply to be part of the most UNIQUE MUN of the year!!

Please note that prior MUN experience is required!


  • Secretary-General - Responsible for hiring and leading the Secretariat team with the help of Director-General and/or Deputy-Secretary-General.
  • Director-General - Works with the Secretary-General and/or Deputy-Secretary-General to help lead the Secretariat team
  • Deputy-Secretary-General - Works with the Secretary-General and/or Director-General to help lead the Secretariat team
  • Chief of Staff - Responsible for hiring, communicating, and training staff members. Plans staff training sessions to ensure all staff members are competent and ready for the conference
  • Under-Secretary-General of Committees (General Assemblies & Specialized Agencies) - Responsible for deciding the committees program. Assists staff members with writing backgrounders, deciding topics, etc… Works with Chief of Staff to ensure all committees are prepared for the conference
  • Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs - Responsible for communicating with delegates, assigning countries, and making sure the overall delegate experience goes smoothly. Must be proficient in email use, spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.), and respond to emails very quickly.
  • Under-Secretary-General of Logistics - Responsible for managing the logistical planning of the conference, including acquiring the correct materials, coordinating the online conference logistics, and ensuring the conference is organized and efficient.
  • Under-Secretary-General of Conference – Coordinates and arrange the plenary sessions, coordinate with the speakers, update the website with the conference schedule etc.
  • Under-Secretary-General of Marketing - In charge of marketing the conference, will work together with USG Sponsorship to improve Envoy's image and branding, operate Envoy's social media presence, coordinate the delegate social, and will also be in contact with potential sponsors, sponsor teachers, etc.
  • Under-Secretary-General of Sponsorship - Responsible for communicating with and obtaining sponsors for the conference, will work with USG Marketing to improve Envoy's branding and image.
  • Under-Secretary-General of Design and Media - Responsible for the designing and planning out media material (Designing and video editing knowledge is required)

Shortlisted candidates will be informed!

* Required